How Do You Solve a Problem...?

  This is a cherished photo—or rather, photobomb—from the opening night reception of the 1994 Marie Osmond tour of Sound of Music at the Shubert in New Haven. It was taken […]

Photo Shubertness

If live theater is considered an archaic form of entertainment by, say, film fans, what are we to make of old-fashioned photography where you get to hold the pictures in […]

The In the Mood Review

I previewed this show for CTNow, here. It was at the Shubert last night, April 5, and has two other Connecticut stops this month: for seven performances April 16-20 at […]

The Shubert Switcheroo

The city’s time in show business might be over, but the Shubert Theater’s run is nowhere near done as it comes under new ownership and gears up for its 100th […]