The Theater Jerk Comics Revue

    Recent theater-themed comics found on the invaluable GoComics website, to which I urge you to subscribe. Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham’s Connecticut-based sports strip Gil Thorp, Frank Cho’s […]

Non-Theater Theater Book of the Week

Frank Jacobs: Five Decades of His Greatest Works (Running Press, 2015) Having bestowed hardcover collections on a host of “Mad’s Greatest Artists,” the magazine finally is getting around to honoring […]

Theater Jerk Comics Section

More theater-themed comic strips, culled from the invaluable strip sites and comic, to stick onto your virtual Green Room refrigerator. This week: Steve McGarry’s BioGraphic Bud Blake’s immortal […]

The Theater Jerk Comics Section

One of my favorite things to do: Collect theater-themed comic strips from the wondrous websites GoComics and Comics Kingdom and repost them here at Theater Jerk for our collective amusement. This […]

Sweet Sabers

From the new issue of DC Comics’ Gotham Academy, about spooky adventures in a girls’ boarding school. Written by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher, art by Karl Kerschl.

Anything Ol' Willie Said

This latest Shakespearean Riverdale moment was found in a lovingly rendered tribute to longtime Archie scribe Frank Doyle, at

"It's called a soliloquy, genius!"

From “What Would Batman Do?,” by J. Torres (writer), Matthew Clark (penciller), Wade von Grawbadger (inker), Ulises Arreola & Carrie Strachan (colorists) and Deron Bennett (letterer), found in the newly […]