The Young Actors Drama Group Theater Conflict

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Another Archie theater reference, from the brand new issue of Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest, #16. Longtime Archie chronicler Dick Malmgren (who passed away in 1992) penned this story, which was drawn by the inimitable Samm Schwartz (1920-1997). I love the name “The Young Actors Drama Group Theater”—so willfully overstated and pretentious.

The same digest, available right now at all the better newsstands or via, also (mis)quotes Shakespeare, in a gag page titled “The Expression”:

The Archies are about to rock out, and Mr. Lodge is visibly unnerved by this prospect.

“But Mr. Lodge! Music has charm to soothe the savage beast!”
“What did you say?”

“Just an expression, sir! Just give us a chance to play for you!”

“Oh, go ahead!”

[The Archies play.]

Mr. Lodge: “Well, it’s certainly a relief to know I’m not a savage beast!”

Archie: “How do you know that?”

Mr. Lodge [as he literally kicks the musicians out of the house]: “Because you didn’t charm me!”