September 2014

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Grenfell Undistilled

Another BBC broadcast post. Should make this a regular feature. I certainly listen to enough of ‘em. Longtime Long Wharf theatergoers might remember a curious mainstage show in 1990 called […]

“So, Tom…”

I covered Tom Stoppard’s talk at Yale Monday evening for the New Haven Independent, here. It’s a lengthy piece, greatly enhanced by the photography of Phil Rosenthal (whose photos also […]

Act the Press

Here’s how they’re trying to save Meet the Press: with theater criticism. Excerpts from the transcript of the long-running news show’s Sept. 7 edition, the first to feature new host […]

Cab 1, Cab 2, Cab 3… Cab 47

It’s a new school year, which means a new artistic director team at the Yale Cabaret. Continuing with a recent tradition, the new folks are announcing the first three shows […]

Joan Rivers and Her Escorts

There was so much to love, and so much to hate, about Joan Rivers that she was the ideal 20th century entertainer. She probably hit her most polarizing point in […]

Hartford Stagebooks

Here’s an audience-engagement idea I can really get behind. Much better than a singles night in the lobby. You get to bury your nose in a book. Hartford Stage is […]

Ruffian Rerun

BBC Radio Four Extra, the online channel that reruns the network’s old drama shows, is currently—woo-hoo!—rebroadcasting Joe Orton’s classic one-act The Ruffian on the Stair. You can listen to the […]

We're Back

How I spent my summer vacation: moving ten miles from New Haven to Bethany, Connecticut. The new place has six acres of lawns and woodland, and my theater books will […]