Long Wharf Theatre

Sister of Merry

  Long Wharf Theatre has been bringing various editions of the Late Nite Catechism Catholic -themed improv and audience-participation comedy shows to its Stage II space for over a decade […]

Grace Notes on Disgraced

  My review of the season-opening Long Wharf production of Disgraced, for the New Haven Independent, is here. Here are a few additional comments: It’s a finely balanced, beautifully paced production […]

Velazquez All Over Town

  Ayad Akhtar’s drama Disgraced is being produced at nearly 20 regional theaters this season. But few of those theaters are in cities which have art museums which might own […]

The Good Wife Game

One reason I love watching The Good Wife is that it’s filmed in New York and casts theater actors in small parts. (The same can be said for all the […]

Athol Fugard by the Book

I’m the kind of person who, when invited into someone’s home, will unabashedly stare at their bookshelves.  I’ll browse books for as long as it takes to get a sense […]

Fugard Closing In on Himself

My review of The Shadow of a Hummingbird, the new play by Athol Fugard starring Athol Fugard, is on the New Haven Independent site, here. I have enduring memories of […]