The Archers' Theatricals

  I’ve been a faithful listener to The Archers for decades. I got hooked when I would visit my grandmother in England in the mid-1990s. Then I used to have […]

Grenfell Undistilled

Another BBC broadcast post. Should make this a regular feature. I certainly listen to enough of ‘em. Longtime Long Wharf theatergoers might remember a curious mainstage show in 1990 called […]

Ruffian Rerun

BBC Radio Four Extra, the online channel that reruns the network’s old drama shows, is currently—woo-hoo!—rebroadcasting Joe Orton’s classic one-act The Ruffian on the Stair. You can listen to the […]

Ambridge Community Theater Auditions

Did an item earlier on BBC Radio 4 Extra, which is celebrating the National Theatre’s 50th anniversary with a series of broadcasts of some of the theater’s most important productions. […]