Season's Listings

I’ve just added a long list of upcoming Connecticut theater events to this site, as a separate page, here. It covers early November through the end of the season. Hundreds of […]

The Midsummer Review

Midsummer Based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the plays of William Shakespeare. Adapted by Rachel Carpman and Sara Holdren. Directed by Holdren. Scenic Design by Christopher Thompson and Claire […]

There’s a lot of sex talk in the Humana plays this year. I liked it best in Erin Courtney’s I Will Be Gone, where the banter and come-ons and physical […]

I’m less interested in the specific dramaturgical problems of Colman Domingo’s Dot as a play than I am in how it’s being received here at Humana. This festival is a […]

  The Mikado is such a hardy and virulent social satire that it seems it can never be staged without offending someone. That’s a remarkable achievement for a popular operetta […]