June 2015

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The Employee of the Year Review

Employee of the Year Created by 600 Highwaymen. Presented by the International Festival of Arts & Ideas June 20-27 at the Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven. Closed. 600 Highwaymen doesn’t […]

Carmen de Lavallade ends her autobiographical one-woman show As I Remember It with several lines from “The Song of Mehitabel” by Don Marquis: my youth i shall never forget but […]

Theater Jerk Comics Section

More theater-themed comic strips, culled from the invaluable strip sites GoComics.com and comic kingdom.com, to stick onto your virtual Green Room refrigerator. This week: Steve McGarry’s BioGraphic Bud Blake’s immortal […]

Arts & ideas: some quiet quibbles

I’m such a lover of balanced commentary and critical credibility that–having been roundly knocked out by the fantastic efforts of Taylor Mac, Dan Zanes, Ragamala dance company and Mark Morrison […]

Watching the hour-long “throwmance” Perfect Catch—as I did twice this past weekend, when it played the Family Stage of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas on New Haven Green—I […]


Several preview stories I wrote about the International Festival of Arts & Ideas were published in CTnow here and here and here. (I did a longish general piece about the […]

The The 1990s (Taylor Mac) Review

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The 1990s World premiere commissioned by the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Conceived, written, performed and co-directed by Taylor Mac. Co-Produced by Pomegranate […]

The Cry You One Review

Cry You One Presented by Mondo Bizarro and Artspot Productions at the 2015 International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Directed by Kathy Randels. Designed by Jef Becker and Melisa Cardona. […]