Theater Jerk Comics Collection

More theater-related comics. (I consider Tom Waits a man of the theater, for his collaborations with Robert Wilson and for the elaborate stage sets which graced his tours back in the […]

Wherefore Archie thou?

Yes, she just said “Archie-O.” Two pages from a rather long Shakespeare-themed story, “The Show Must Go On,” found in Archie’s Funhouse Comics Digest #11 (the latest, February 2015 issue—at […]

Boho Comics

    Bohemians—A Graphic History Edited by Paul Buhle and David Berger (Verso, 2014) Here are some of the noted thespians who make the cut for Bohemians: A Graphic History, […]

Archie Town

From Afterlife With Archie Comics #7, the second chapter of “Betty: R.I.P.” Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with artwork by Francesco Francavilla. Evidence that Gordon Edelstein didn’t go far enough in […]

Theater Comics Bonanza

    More theater-themed comic strips, which I found on the invaluable GoComics site, for discriminating aesthetes. This latest batch features Jason Poland’s Robbie and Bobby, Dan Dougherty’s Beardo, Frank Cummings’ Brain […]

Hey, Theater Kids! Comics!

Latest dash of theater-themed comic strips to tape to your green room refrigerators, culled from the invaluable syndicated-strip sites and Comics Kingdom. There’s a LOT of live theater in […]

The Insect Play

From “Going Buggy”: script by Frank Doyle, art by Dan DeCarlo Jr. and Jimmy DeCarlo, reprinted in Archie Double Double Digest #250 , June 2014.

More Theater Comic Strips

Hey, theater kids! Comics! This latest smattering of theater-themed strips from the indispensible website GoComics (to which I strongly suggest you subscribe) includes stage-savvy works by Phil Dunlap (Ink Pen), […]

Theater Jerk Wednesday Funnies

Another handpicked theater-themed comics section. All the items this time are from the impressively retooled King Features comics site Comics Kingdom, to which you really ought to subscribe. (They do […]