Theater Jerk Wednesday Funnies

Another handpicked theater-themed comics section. All the items this time are from the impressively retooled King Features comics site Comics Kingdom, to which you really ought to subscribe. (They do puzzles too.)

The Lockhorns is by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner.

Buckles, the dog strip, is by David Gilbert.

Crock is by Bill Rechin.

Retail is by Norm Feuti.

Edge City is by Terry and Patty LaBan.

Mutts is by Patrick McDonnell.

The Sid Caesar tribute is by Jimmy Margulie, the Newsday political cartoonist.

Todd the Dinosaur is done by Patrick Roberts.

Dustin is by Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker. (And Steel Magnolias, of course, was a play before it was a movie.)