More Theater Comic Strips

Hey, theater kids! Comics! This latest smattering of theater-themed strips from the indispensible website GoComics (to which I strongly suggest you subscribe) includes stage-savvy works by Phil Dunlap (Ink Pen), Brooke McEldowney (Pibgorn, which has been riding a Romeo & Juliet riff for months), Don Wimmer & Pat Brady (Rose is Rose), Alex Graham (the longlived Fred Bassett), Jim Meddick (Monty), several installment of Rob Harrell’s unsung Big Top (in repeats on GoComics; Harrell now works on the Adam at Home strip), Jeff Millar & Bill Hinds (Tank McNamara), Steve Breen & Mike Thompson (Grand Avenue), Pete McEachen (Mulligan), Eliot Caplan—a New Haven native and the brother of Li’l Abner creator Al Capp—and Stan Drake (The Heart of Juliet Jones), Bud Blake (Tiger) and the great Garry Trudeau (whose real-life theater travails include the Broadway musical based on Doonesbury and the Off Broadway revue Rapmaster Ronnie).

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