January 2015

"It's called a soliloquy, genius!"

From “What Would Batman Do?,” by J. Torres (writer), Matthew Clark (penciller), Wade von Grawbadger (inker), Ulises Arreola & Carrie Strachan (colorists) and Deron Bennett (letterer), found in the newly […]

The Playwright's the Thing

Long Wharf Theatre has a quiz about its 50th anniversary in its current program book, listing 14 famous playwrights from Shakespeare to Paula Vogel who’ve each had more than one […]

In Awe of Scott Woodside

I’ve been listening to what may be the worst-read audiobook I’ve ever heard. Worst professionally narrated audiobook, I should qualify. Any audiobook junkie (and we are legion) has encountered severe […]

Theater Jerk Comics Collection

More theater-related comics. (I consider Tom Waits a man of the theater, for his collaborations with Robert Wilson and for the elaborate stage sets which graced his tours back in the […]