The Kindness of Stringed Instruments


A Vincent D’Onofrio monologue about how he’ll never play his dream role, Blanche DuBois in Streetcar, is part of a new collaboration the actor’s done with composer Dana Lynn. The album, called Slim Bone Head Volt, that won’t be out until March. But “Blanche”—the closing track of the 14-song project—as well as another (very different) single, “I’m A Hamster,” have earned an early release. D’Onofrio and Lyn apparently met while working on Ethan Hawke’s 2013 production of the Jonathan Marc Sherman play Clive, presented by the New Group at the Acorn Theater.

You can hear “Blanche” on the Consequence of Sound music review site, here.


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  1. Rosemary

    Vincent D’onofrio has said his career will never be complete unless he gets to play the character Blanche DuBois in his character on Law & Order CI. The characters are parallel to each other. In Streetcar Named Desire, the character’s role started & ended in 1 movie. Vincent D’onofrio played that exact role over his years on L&O CI. With great talent, sincerity, and passion for his craft. He can now check that off his list…done ,/. He is an incredible actor. Thank you for your years of giving wonderful entertainment and giving so many a chance in their field by taking roles that at times push the boundaries. He is multimedia genius.

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