Theater Book: The Cinderella Killer

The Cinderella Killer—A Charles Paris mystery By Simon Brett (Severn House, 2014) It’s just wonderful that Simon Brett is writing Charles Paris mysteries again, after forsaking the character for so […]

Thy mantLE GOod: Brick Shakespeare

Brick Shakespeare: The Comedies Construction and Photography by John McCann. Edited and narrated by Monica Sweeney and Becky Thomas. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014) Since irony is a big element in John […]

Bard Wars

C3PO: But wait, where do you go? Pray, do come back! Most typical this is. O wretched fate, To be deserted by my friends most dear. These human beings care […]

Green room

“And you can…” “Um, I know a lot of people’s last words.” It was an indulgence, learning last words. Other people had chocolate; I had dying declarations. “Example?” “I like […]