Bad Metaphor Theater

Chris Murphy, apparently starring in a production of Of Thee I Sing.

Most of the emails I get come from either theater companies, local news outlets or national political causes. So imagine my reaction when they all blended together into this single e-mail blast from Ct. Senator Chris Murphy, on behalf of the Democratic National Committee:

Christopher – 

For the better part of Barack Obama’s presidency, House Republicans have acted more like a theater troupe than a governing caucus: 

– Over 50 votes to repeal Obamacare 

– Forced a government shutdown 

– Slowed our recovery at home while pushing for more war abroad 

And if Democrats lose the Senate, you can probably expect the same in the upper chamber for the next two years. 

That’s why I am asking you to split a $10 contribution to five Democrats whose races will determine control of the Senate. Today’s the FEC Pre General Fundraising Deadline, so there’s no more important time to show your support. 

Outside interests have invested tens of millions of dollars to defeat Senators Begich, Hagan, Landrieu, Udall, and Pryor. But if I’ve learned anything from my previous campaigns, it’s that the passion of small-dollar donors and volunteers trumps Koch-connected cash every time. 

Nate Silver says Republicans have a 58.6% change of taking the Senate, but your support today ensures that margin will tighten between now and November 4th. 

So, what do you say? Join me in splitting a $10 contribution — before midnight — to the five Democrats whose races will determine control of the Senate: 

It doesn’t get much closer than this, Christopher. As you watch the results roll in on Election Night, know that you did everything you could to ensure we still have a fighting chance to protect Social Security and Obamacare at home while keeping us out of more wars abroad. 

All the best, 

Chris Murphy 

U.S. Senator, Connecticut 


Now, I made a lot of calls and banged on a lot of doors to help get Chris Murphy elected a couple of years ago. (His opponent was the deep-pocketed wrestling demon Linda McMahon.) I even shook his hand a bunch of times. Guess I should have spent a moment explaining to him what a theater troupe does. I’ve covered theater troupes my whole career, and haven’t met a single one that “forced a government shutdown” or “slowed our recovery at home” or didn’t need public healthcare. I’m really curious about what “theater troupe” Chris Murphy is talking about.

So are these guys:

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Meanwhile, let’s all go looking for theater troupes that act more like government caucuses than like theater troupes. That’ll be fun too.

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  1. Your Big Sister

    The Republicans make a lot more sense as performance art than as politicians!

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