April 2014

The Platonic Dialogues

The Greek philosopher Plato figures heavily in Athol Fugard’s new play The Shadow of the Hummingbird, which had its opening night last night at Long Wharf Stage II. Here are […]

Izzard, Izzard, Izzard

I scored a ticket to the English portion of Eddie Izzard’s multi-lingual comedy tour-de-force at Yale’s Whitney Humanities Center last week. An intimate, short-notice show to prep for the American […]

Lavin It

Linda Lavin is speaking at Sacred Heart University’s Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts on April 13 at 3 p.m. Imagine what a wide-ranging talk that could be. Lavin was […]

Clay & Wattles at The Gary-The Olivia

The summer theater season is nigh, and there’ve been changes whilst we’ve been hibernating. The company which has performed at The Gary-The Olivia Theater in Bethlehem, Connecticut is establishing itself […]