Where I’ve Been

New hat!
New hat!

With the advent of the new theater season, I’ll be taking this site more seriously, including the tedious chore of letting you know where my reviews and other theater-related musings are to be found when they’re not to be found here.

It’s been a busy summer of freelancing. Blame it on all the anniversaries. I’ve been working on major pieces, for a slew of different publications, about:

• the 100th anniversary of the Shubert
• the 85th anniversary of the Bushnell
• the 50th anniversary of the Long Wharf Theatre and
• the 20th anniversary of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas

I also contributed some ephemera to a book about the 40th anniversary of the Yale Summer Cabaret, and really should be figuring out when New Haven Theater Company is celebrating a significant birthday.

Publications I’ve done theater stories for in just the last couple months: Connecticut Magazine, CT Now, Decades Magazine, The Hartford Courant, the New Haven Independent and Yale Alumni Magazine.

Look for me in those places, but mostly here. Happy fall.