Sickert at Play


A sextet of sculptures by Nicola Hicks, plus some modern art pieces which have been shifted while the second floor is being renovated, have enlivened the fourth floor of the Yale Center for British Art.

It makes you look at some of the gallery’s other pieces differently. Like this Walter Sickert painting from 1938, “A Theatrical Incident: As You Like It.” The oil painting has an unfinished, quilted look that makes you think it’s from the 1960s or ‘80s, riffing on Warhol or some post-modern style.

Sickert, of course, is suspected by some to have been Jack the Ripper. He’s well known for his painting and sketches of London theaters and cabarets. “A Theatrical Incident” is atypically bright, colorful and well-groomed for Sickert.

Didn’t think a Sickert painting could brighten my spirits in the bleak midwinter, but here it is.