Play Reading of Lightning & Jellyfish TONIGHT (Sunday Nov. 9)


Come on over to Never Ending Books, 810 State Street, around 6 p.m. tonight (Sunday the 9th).

We’re reading Lou Harry’s play Lightning & Jellyfish, a character-driven comedy-tinged drama set in a rock & roll shop on the Jersey boardwalk.

The play’s just had a successful run in Lou’s hometown of Indianapolis. (It closed last night, and the final weekend was sold out.) He’s continuing to work on the play, and encouraged me to get some people together to read it. Never Ending, which has a record rack, seemed an ideal location.

Please come. There are ten roles, large and small, so if you want to read you can do so. If you want to listen, you can just do that.  Totally casual. We just want to do this.