New Food Cabaret

I have not been able to attend the Yale Cabaret yet this semester, despite my longtime support for the place and my deep curiosity about all the new works they’re devising over there this season.

Blame my absence on my recent move to Bethany and my (soon-to-be-remedied) inability to drive an automobile, which makes it hard for me to go out late at night just now.

So, I have not been there, and don’t always eat there in any case (another lame excuse: vegetarianism), but am duty-bound to report that this indispensable underground theater has just changed its menu.

The chef remains Anna Belcher, who’s good at switching up the kitchen offerings every little while so they don’t get (figuratively) stale.

The new menu is here.

I’m particularly intrigued by sweet potato lentil soup, the Chana Masala and the pumpkin cheesecake—all labeled as vegan.

The Cabaret theater show this week, by the way, is not vegan. It involves whipped cream, and it is John Kuntz’s creepy comic mystery The Hotel Nepenthe. I’ve seen Kuntz act in several shows in Boston, where he’s been a key player in that city’s small theater scene for years. Hotel Nepenthe has had several stagings, including at the Huntington Theater’s Emerging America series.

Here’s video from an unrelated production of Hotel Nepenthe at the University of Chicago earlier this year: