New Haven Theater Jerk Comics Section Mania

You know what I do here. I post comic strips with theater themes. This time, they’re all from the invaluable GoComics, at You should subscribe. I do.


• two stand-uppy gags from Scott Hilburn’s the Argyle Sweater

• two operatic installments of Jerry Bittle’s Shirley & Son

• jazz hands courtesy of Steve Bentley’s Herb & Jamal.

• Tony Cochran’s Agnes.

• hand puppet jokes from Scott Heath’s Spot the Frog and the metaphysical Garfield Without Garfield (deconstructed from the Jim Davis original by Paws Inc.)

• J.C. Duffy’s The Fusco Brothers.

• Greg Craven’s The Buckets (Lots of petulant children in this week’s selection, huh?)

• and two vaguely theatrical pages from Ruben Bolling’s Tom the Dancing Bugs. I think those Lincoln tweets are inspired.