Wham City in Elm City April 24

More New Haven Theatre Company news: The company’s not heretofore been known for producing events it does not star in itself. But on April 24 NHTC is hosting the Baltimore comedy quartet Wham City, whose current “Wham City Comedy Tour” is described as “75-minute multi-media performance featuring four alt-comedians offering up all original stand-up, videos, skits, and monologues.” The new New Haven-based longform improve troupe Tiny Dictator opens the 8 p.m. show at NHTC’s new home, the back room of English Building Markets (839 Chapel St., New Haven).
Tiny Dictator (whose members include Matthew Feiner, Margaret Middleton, Michael “Live Mike” Cooper, George Kouros, NHTC mainstay Erich Greene and others) just had its first big show last week at the Hartford Improv Festival. They’re also performing 7 p.m. Friday, April 18 at Tiny Dictator’s rehearsal space of choice, Artspace (50 Orange St., New Haven) with an established improv gang from Hartford, Sea Tea Improv.