Get to the Point! 8 p.m. tonight (April 7) at Cafe Nine

Photo on 4-7-14 at 1.40 PM

I’ve got another (the 17th!) of my Get to the Point! storytelling/spoken word/music/theater/what-have-you events at Cafe Nine tonight. 8 p.m., 250 State St., New Haven. (203) 789-8281, No cover charge.

I note with pride that Frank Rizzo of the Hartford Courant tweeted this today:

“Get to the Point” monthly event tonight at New Haven’s Cafe Nine. Think “The Moth,” but much cooler and less pretentious.

I love being called less pretentious! Of course, as a theater critic, not being pretentious is a pronounced liability, but such is the cross I bear.

A few theater types on the bill tonight (besides myself, that is):

• Mary Lee Delaney, who’s a director and theater teacher

• Tony Juliano, who stages the perverse “Forgot to Laugh” cabaret series

• Craig Gilbert, a writer friend whom I have directed in plays and has a great comic delivery

plus the less overtly theatrical

• Jeffrey Thunders (of Lost Riots)

• Seth Osborne, poet

and others, who’ll likely be as much a surprise to me as they will be to you.

I’m telling a story myself tonight. (I usually just do long-winded introductions and recitations of myths and fairy tales.) It’s about a prank that was really not a prank, where a parody bumper sticker I created for a New Haven Advocate article ended up on a fleet of New Haven police vehicles. The story recently resurfaced, here and here:

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