I am, it seems, an idiot

I’m still in the midst of getting my thoughts down from the Humana festival, but I just noticed this comment and wanted to share it broadly.  I find such “dares” to be empty and obnoxious. I’m always happy to debate the merits of a play, and it’s easier to share other opinions online than in my old printobnoxiou

I don’t in fact agree with the writer than the regional theater is dying. But if it is, I don’t want it to be for lack of oxygen. We need to talk about these plays, not get shouted down for having questions about their effectiveness.

So, here:


Privildged One
Submitted on 2015/04/12 at 8:30 pm
Dear Sir,

A critic of a who puts out a badly written “review” with no true dissection of the work they are reviewing, absolutely no evidence to support their lack of point of view, plus a slight racist tone that runs through all of their piece is, dare I say, an idiot. No wonder your paper is defunct. I believe it is writers like you that are at the root of the slow death of the regional media. Skittish actor? Director? A more correct description for you would be “a non-factor”. I dare you to publish this comment. And I dare you to put this review on Twitter.

Good day!