October 2015

Miller Airtime

BBC Radio 4 is in the midst of airing an original four-part biographical drama about Arthur Miller, narrated by Ed Harris and starring Ben Feldman as Miller. The project is […]

Hirschfeld Rocks

Al also recognized how rock music had changed. “The Seventies was also a time when rock theatricality was bigger than Broadway theatricality,” he said in 1999. “Those rolling lights-and-sound shows […]

Velazquez All Over Town

  Ayad Akhtar’s drama Disgraced is being produced at nearly 20 regional theaters this season. But few of those theaters are in cities which have art museums which might own […]

The Theater Jerk Comics Revue

    Recent theater-themed comics found on the invaluable GoComics website, to which I urge you to subscribe. Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham’s Connecticut-based sports strip Gil Thorp, Frank Cho’s […]

Political Theater Update

Benghazi Committee Hearing Devolves Into Political Theater (Bloomberg) “Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald Calls Out Media For Enabling The Benghazi Committee’s Partisan “Political Theater” (Media Matters) Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Committee: […]

Shakespeare, Not Stirred

  The 20th issue of Hogan’s Alley, the indispensible and highly entertaining “magazine of the cartoon arts,” includes a five-page article, “Absorbing With the Bard,” that discusses and analyses a […]