March 2014

Measured in Safety Pins

Theatre Fairfield, which is what Fairfield University calls its theater productions, is doing a ‘70s punk-themed Measure for Measure, April 10-15 at the school’s PepsiCo Theatre. Martha LoMonaco, who teaches […]

Arts & Ideas is Nigh

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas is making its big season announcement on April 3, some ten weeks before the 2014 fest happens. If you Google “Arts & Ideas […]

The Magician Review

The Magician   Written and directed by Drew Gray.Through March  15 at the English Market Building, 839 Chapel St., New Haven.   A lot of noise has been made about […]

Stagelife with Archie

Splash page from the “Archie Marries Betty” section of the current (34th) issue of Life With Archie, the magazine which charts the romances and careers of the Riverdale gang as […]

The He Left Quietly Review

He Left Quietly   Through March 1 at the Yale Cabaret, 217 Park St., New Haven, (203) 432-1566,   By Yaël Farber. Directed by Leora Morris. Set: David Clauson. […]