Rock Gods #386: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The 1 Counts did a Protection & Advocacy benefit Thursday at Hamilton’s, but apparently didn’t know what they were advocating or protecting. Turns out it was rights for persons with disabilities, which the band realized awkwardly when singer Snap Greenford sneered to the crowd “Why are you all still sitting down? Get up and dance!” What may be worse is that Snap clearly must have sensed that some in the room were wheelchair-bound, and he said it anyway. Some sort of bad-taste tension breaker? Didn’t work. There were, ahem, walk-outs.

Tonight: Fat Hom and the Leaguelles at the Bullfinch… 8 by 4 by 4 at Hamilton’s… DC Half Smokes and Hot Dog Smile (rescheduled date) at D’ollaire’s…

Riverdale Book Review

MC Archie, from Archie #394, December 1991 (lyrics by “Susan S. and Ellen L.”)

I was napppin’ and rappin’ and dancin’ in my sleep

Tappin’ to the rhythm, divin’ to the deep

Slammin’ and jammin’

dancin’ ‘cross the floor

When I heard a squeaky sound

…the opening of a door!

It could have been a monster!

It could have been a ghoul!

It was just my mom yellin’

“Archie! Get to school!”

Scribblers Music Review

Jacco Gardner, Hypnophobia (Polyvinyl Records). Neo-quasi-techno-psychedelia. What’s the desired pharmaceutical here—a hallucinogen or something for stamina? The lyrics, rhythmic build-up and airy guitars are all Lovely, in the Arthur Lee sense. But the digressions—movie-soundtrack-style thumps and keyboards, dance breaks, experimental interludes—can be as engrossing as the verses and choruses. When not sounding like ‘60s Sunset Strip bands, there’s a T. Rex early-glam thing going on. Wonderfully unnerving, to the point of charming.


The treasure was hidden in a safe in a capsule in an airtight crate buried under the ocean.

It was very well hidden.

People died trying to get at it.

Then they gave up and forgot about it.

The treasure was safe forever.

Meanwhile, a guy found a perfectly good refrigerator down at the dump.

Rock Gods #385: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Bull Lines: Overheard at the Bullfinch

“I’m sorry you did not like my song. I was unaware of your existence. Otherwise, perhaps I would not have performed it.”

“That sounded like cheese to me.”

“Did he sing ‘Scabcakes’ or something that just sounds like ‘scabcakes.’”

“Would you like to go outside and climb a tree?”

“Your spikes are crooked.”

“I like them, but I’ve never heard them play.”

“Don’t step on that. We’ve been trying to figure out what it is.”

“Q, I need to fall asleep right now. What should I drink?”

Tonight: Boldbite and Con Version at the Bullfinch, a remarkably mainstream booking for that beloved maverick joint… Sir Face at Hamilton’s. Two sets, and even though they’ll be doing lots of covers, they have more originality than either band at the Bullfinch.. An Evening with Avoir DuPois and the 16 Drums—with nine original members!—at D’Ollaire’s…

Riverdale Book Review

Band Names Mentioned in Archie Comics Spectacular: Rock On!

(The book contains only stories about The Archies)

Alexandra’s Cool Time Cats

The Archies

Becky Bigelow

The Buggles

The Blimeys

The Croutons

Ben Gamble (“the songwriter”)

Josie & the Pussycats

Lee Lee and the All Night Dogs

Miss Alternative Girl

Rick Melody

Melvis (“I’m just a heap, a heap of steamin’ affection”)

The New Archies

Pearl Jelly

The Reggies

The Sassy Girls

Smashing Kumquats

Soony and Share