Rock Gods #390: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The General & His Primaries broke stride Thursday at the Bullfinch when the pesky clubland gadfly Professor Poopydrawers sauntered up to the front of the stage, as is his wont, and dropped trou. G&HP were unprepared for the ass-backward action, and you could see a range of emotions cross frontman Joey General’s face.

The Prof. is a blight on the scene and must be stopped. Few bands are equipped to deal with his  backsided onslaught, which is what gives him the nerve to continue. Some bands have laughed. Others have lectured Poopy from the stage. Still others have spent the rest of the set mentioning him their between-song patter. In every case, it’s a lamentable disruption.

Here’s how the General reacted: He jumped off the stage and  grabbed PP’s pants in such a way that the prankster was upended in a painful and embarrassing manner. The indignity was not over, as Gen proceeded to remove the pants altogether, run into the mens room with them and stuff them in the toilet.

Poopydrawers had no audible response to the comeuppance, and after retrieving his keys and wallet (yuck) crawled home with his tail between his (pantsless) legs.

Tonight: The Beachy Kids and The Derwins at The Bullfinch. There’s a rumor that BK’s side project Our Pretty Girl Dances Free may make an appearance… Druggy jams with Dogi Pot and Hi-Rail at Hamilton’s, which used to swear that they’d never cater to that element. … Pet Waste and Transmits Disease, both from the well-named Metal Filth label, at D’Ollaire’s. An infinite local metal marauders are apparently opening the show, though the club could provide no details. Do we detect one of those if-you-sell-enough-tickets-you-get-to-play schemes?