Rock Gods #386: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The 1 Counts did a Protection & Advocacy benefit Thursday at Hamilton’s, but apparently didn’t know what they were advocating or protecting. Turns out it was rights for persons with disabilities, which the band realized awkwardly when singer Snap Greenford sneered to the crowd “Why are you all still sitting down? Get up and dance!” What may be worse is that Snap clearly must have sensed that some in the room were wheelchair-bound, and he said it anyway. Some sort of bad-taste tension breaker? Didn’t work. There were, ahem, walk-outs.

Tonight: Fat Hom and the Leaguelles at the Bullfinch… 8 by 4 by 4 at Hamilton’s… DC Half Smokes and Hot Dog Smile (rescheduled date) at D’ollaire’s…

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