Rock Gods #385: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Bull Lines: Overheard at the Bullfinch

“I’m sorry you did not like my song. I was unaware of your existence. Otherwise, perhaps I would not have performed it.”

“That sounded like cheese to me.”

“Did he sing ‘Scabcakes’ or something that just sounds like ‘scabcakes.’”

“Would you like to go outside and climb a tree?”

“Your spikes are crooked.”

“I like them, but I’ve never heard them play.”

“Don’t step on that. We’ve been trying to figure out what it is.”

“Q, I need to fall asleep right now. What should I drink?”

Tonight: Boldbite and Con Version at the Bullfinch, a remarkably mainstream booking for that beloved maverick joint… Sir Face at Hamilton’s. Two sets, and even though they’ll be doing lots of covers, they have more originality than either band at the Bullfinch.. An Evening with Avoir DuPois and the 16 Drums—with nine original members!—at D’Ollaire’s…