Get to the Point! line-up for Oct. 13 at Cafe Nine

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The grand return of Get to the Point! (after a summer hiatus) is chock full of stories, music and humor.


The line-up (almost certainly NOT in this order):


Elizabeth Walker, telling (for the first time in public) her adventures as a child actress, making The World of Henry Orient with Peter Sellers and director George Roy Hill.

Brian Wolfe (aka Ebin Parker) using words and music to describe his admiration for the late British singer-songwriter Nick Drake.

Brian Robinson, managing director of the Yale Symphony Orchestra and classical-grunge leader of the band Tet Offensive.

Sunnie Lovelace, librarian and rock climber.

Derek Holcomb of legendary local band The Furors.

Ina Chadwick & Duncan Christy, with stories and songs and parodies.

Phil Rosenthal, photographer/philosopher.

Michael Cooper, experiencing the best night of his life.

Sara Russell, long cool poet.

Craig Gilbert, dropping anvils on little cartoon girls.

Saul Fussiner, turning his life literary.

Ken Carlson, writer/humorist, grabbing the mic.


… and your humble host Christopher Arnott.


We start around 8 p.m. and go until everyone’s done talking. No cover! The wondrous Margaret as your bartender! And assuming they arrive in time, a FREE GIFT to the first 35 people to arrive.


Yes, Get to the Point! is back—and on different Mondays

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The last Get to the Point! was back in June.

A break was required while host Christopher Arnott moved from New Haven to Bethany. He is learning to drive and was unable to easily get back and forth from country to city without either perspiring a great deal or begging.

Cafe Nine, in its infinite wisdom, has placed the series on a new schedule. Instead of being held on the first Monday of every month, it will now be held on the SECOND Monday of every Month.

Future Get to the Point! dates include:
Oct. 13

Nov. 10

Dec. 8

Jan. 8

The format will remain more or less the same. There’ll be a greater attempt to plan ahead, and actively promote, the shows. Other than that, there’ll be the same diversity, the same looseness, the same hardfought unpretentiousness.

Requests to perform and other queries may be addressed to Chris at chris@scribblers.us

Happy pointing!



What’s on for June!

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For Monday, June 2, the mix is just what Get to the Point! does best: representatives of the local music scene trying new things; theater types (including a special guest from Chicago and a sweet Connecticut playwright); writers of all stripes; cherished regulars who really get what Get to the Point! is all about; and one of the most appreciative, adventurous audiences in the area.

• Chicago-based singer/songwriter/musical theater composer Diana Lawrence (http://dianalawrence.com/).

• One-act comedies by Connecticut playwright Susan Cinamon, read by: Zuzanna Szadowski (Dorota Kishlovsky from Gossip Girl), Caitlin Hale (from the movie School of Rock), Erin Moffat, Joanna Keylock, Sabrina Brier and others

• Bruce Tulgan of Rainmaker Thinking Inc., mixing business-speak with martial arts

• Frank Critelli, a singer-songwriter who also dabbles in prose

• Rob DeRosa, local-music booster who books the Meriden Daffodil Festival, runs the Thin Man Music label and hosts the Homegrown local-band radio show.

• Ken Carlson, comedian and funny writer.

• Saul Fussiner, screenwriter and ace memoirist.

• Craig Gilbert, funny guy

• Lys Guillorn, artistic and articulate musician

• Seth Osborne, bedraggled poet

• Ina Chadwick, Fairfield County storyteller/producer, with writer/musician Duncan Christy

• Sara Russell, statuesque poet

And your hatted host Christopher Arnott

…plus others to be announced. Plus a myth. Plus a fairy tale. Plus jokes.

Get to the Point! June 2, 2014, 8 p.m. No cover.


What Happened on the 7th

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One of the good guys: Christian Marrone.

One of the good guys: Christian Marrone.

A personal recap of the April 7 Get to the Point!:

A musical voice expected for the show was unable to materialize due to a crisis. A call was put out Monday morning. FOUR musicians arrived, throwing off the balance of music to words. But that’s OK. These singer/songwriters had answered a call of distress, and were very welcome.

Less welcome was the “open mic” attitude of one of the performers, who did all the obvious things that suggested he thought this was his show and he could go on as long as he wanted. He launched into songs before he could be brought offstage. He spent too long setting up. He played too loud.

Such things happen. They’ve happened with the word folks at Get to the Point! too. It’s remarkable, in fact, that they don’t happen more often.

What was wonderful was that the other three last-minute musicians DID get what the series is trying to do. One, Christian Marrone, tried out new material, and prepared for an upcoming New York gig. Another, Ben, immediately grasped that he wasn’t needed to play an entire set, and scaled back beautifully with songs that could appeal to the literary persuasion of the crowd. Another, Xavier, did a long flowing psychedelic folk piece that captured the tone and mood of the room.

Most impressively, both Ben and Xavier were willing to indulge me in the very exercise which I wanted to have a musician there for: so there could be background music when I read a Brothers Grimm fairy tale and a myth about Dionysus.

Thanks, guys. Music makes a difference. I’ll be careful with balance in the future. There are plenty of multi-musician events at Café Nine, and only one storytelling event. But Christian and Ben and Xavier get it, and can come anytime.

Mary Lee Delaney went first, talking about how she pranked an annoying guy back in her college days in Boston.

Jeffrey Thunders shared an embarrassing and elucidating anecdote about actually meeting, in a bar in New York, someone he’d idolized at the age of 14: Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

Tony Juliano had found old slides of some of his cartoony paintings. He told some of the stories behind them—how priests had bought paintings mocking priests, how a doctor bought one featuring an “amazing iron lung,” etc.

Not incidentally, Tony also used his time onstage to propose marriage to Erica. He’d proposed previously, and this time it went just as well.

Craig Gilbert read some of his Little Nell poems, with large, funny, easy-to-see illustrations. After each recitation, Craig did a gentle flourish with his arms which I thought was as amusing as the words.

Seth Osborne read poems short and poems epic, including one referencing Café Nine.

I did a story myself, and am not sure I will again, at least not without notes. I am not cut out for long form extemporary oration. I like to watch others do it, and am even intrigued when they slip up. When I do it badly—get distracted, lose my place—I’m not so intrigued. I’m better off writing things down and reading them aloud—a practice that is not verboten at Get to the Point! the way it is at many spoken-word shows. If a piece of paper keeps someone on track, by all means they should hold the piece of paper.

I can do off-the-cuff introductions, and launch into short anecdotes, with ease and with a compelling vocabulary. I find those intros and follow-ups to be invigorating. But longform structure apparently eludes me.

An evening of revelations. Now I know where I stand.

I stood, in fact, for hours after the show wrapped up and had excellent conversations with several of the performers. Don’t always get a chance to do that.

The audience was considerably larger than the ones we’ve gotten on the stormy GttP days of January, February and March.

High hopes for May. Really getting back on track for spring.


Next Get to the Point! April 7 at Cafe Nine

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First month in several where bad weather isn’t going to be a good excuse for not coming!

Confirmed thus far:

• Jeffrey Thunders (of Lost Riots)

• artist/vaudevillian Tony Juliano with a slide show

•  Mary Delaney, theater director and talker

• Seth Osborne, returning poet

• Lys Guillorn, literate musician

• Craig Gilbert, amusing writer

… and your host Chris Arnott, telling a story myself for a change: about how a bumper sticker parody I wrote ended up on a fleet of police cars. Free bumper stickers will be awarded to five lucky audience members. (As seen in the New Haven Independent!)

…and others who are still making up their minds.

Some slots are still open, if YOU have a story YOU must tell.

8 p.m.

Monday, April 7

Café Nine

250 State St., New Haven

(203) 789-8281




What Happened at the 16th

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It was below freezing. A few hardy folks braved the chill for the March 3 Get to the Point!

Due to a number of late postponements and cancellations, this was that rare underbooked Get to the Point! where presenters got a chance to do encores.


Steve Bellwood monologued whilst David Pilot keyboarded. Highlights were an episode from Bellwood’s sexual awakening saga The Vagina MANalogues, and an improvised creation myth. When Pilot scored some of the world-making bombast with crashing chords, Bellwood cautioned “Don’t get TOO fucking literal.”


Seth Osborne, after stating that he felt ambivalence about writing poetry, read a bunch of very good poems. One of them was titled “The Problem With Poems.” Another: “Ineffable Poetry.”


Kyle Flynn, one of GttP!’s regular singer-songwriters, mentioned his new musical project ShipWrecked Heart, which has more of a folk/pop sound than his harder-edged band The Vespers Five. He sang of “A Stormy Sea.” ShipWrecked Heart is currently raising funds for its debut EP; help finance it at Kickstarter.


Sara Russell explained that she’d been helping a septuagenarian relative turn a “lovely anecdote” about a romantic coincidence into a story they hoped to publish in a Christian magazine. She then read the story.


For my part, I read my father’s deft translation of Dionysus’ opening speech from The Bacchae, in honor of Mardi Gras; read a short story I wrote a few years ago when same-sex marriage was being debated in Connecticut, “The Thawing of Parson Brown”; recited “Dr. Boniculus’ Devil” from Terry Jones’ Fairy Tales and Fantastic Stories; and called attention to the Tom Hearn photos of ‘70s punk bands lining the walls of Café Nine. (Hearn’s exhibit has an opening reception this Friday, March 7, during the monthly “On9” festivities in the Ninth Square, and remains on view for a month after that.)


Margaret ably took care of things behind the bar.


A calm and serene evening, among friends. Took the chill off things.


—Chris Arnott


The latest for March 3

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OK, some of the outliers and suburbanites pulled out when it looked like heavy snow. The snow has not happened, but it’s still crazy cold. And we’ve lost at three folks who were due to be on the bill tonight to illness.

Here’s who I’m expecting tonight:

• Music and words from Steve Bellwood and David Pilot.

• Songs from Kyle Flynn of Kyle Flynn & the Vespers Five.

• Something from writer Seth Osborne.

• More poetry from Sara Russell.

• plus me, Chris Arnott with fairy tales and myths and random writings.

plus…. you! If you feel so inclined. Seems like there’s room for surprises. Bring us a surprise!

8 p.m. TONIGHT, March 3 at Cafe Nine (250 State St., New Haven; 203-789-8281, www.cafenine.com).


Alas, no Bruce Tulgan

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Bruce Tulgan has injured himself and will be unable to do his multi-disciplinary presentation for our March 3 show. We may have him for May. The suspense mounts.


Next Get to the Point!: March 3, 2014

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Here are some of the folks presenting at our next Get to the Point! literary shindig, 8 p.m. March 3 at Cafe Nine (250 State St., New Haven Ct., 203-789-8281):

• Theater director Mary Lee Delaney.

• A playlet by Susan Cinamon.

• A cheery new story from Christine Jewell.

• The return of Lys Guillorn.

• Jeffrey Thunders of the Lost Riots.

• Writer Seth Osborne, who will celebrate a birthday on the week of the show.• Ina Chadwick and Duncan Christy, with a story and a song.

• Skilled self-analytical memoirist Saul Fussiner.

• The ever-comical Craig Gilbert• David Pilot, perhaps with Steve Bellwood.

• Hopefully Sara Russell again!

• The usual fairy tale and myth.

• Your host, Christopher Arnott


… and more to be announced! (Those interested in presenting may contact Chris Arnott at chris@scribblers.us)

No cover charge. Wonderful bartending by Margaret. A nice night out by any standards.


(Note: Bruce Tulgan, previously announced for this night, has been postponed until May.)





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Regular Get to the Point! contributor Craig Gilbert, who also served as last-minute substitute host for the January 2014 edition, has self-published two collections of his Little Nell poems. These are comical verses about a death-prone little girl.

Craig will sell you paperback copies of the books at GttP shows. You can also find them on Amazon and Smashwords.


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