Rock Gods #289: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

There was a death in the Bullfinch family. mysterious co-owner Marty had a brother, Mark, whom everybody really liked and who had something to do with starting the club decades ago before it even had bands. Mark died, and the Bullfinch closed for a week in his honor– and because the funeral was out of state and the entire staff (even Q) wanted to be there. A sign explaining all had been posted top the front door, but seems to have been swiped before anybody got a chance to see it.

The Bullfinch reopened Thursday with a special bill of bands who knew Mark. There were speeches to, especially after everyone had drunk too much. (We might have given a speech ourself. Seriously can’t remember.)

We are all in the thrall of Bullfinch Mark. Bands that had been scheduled to play the club when it was closed over the last week, or on Thursday when they were bumped by the memorial, will all be rebooked, some as special third acts on previously two band bills.

At the Bullfinch tonight!:

Stinque Stanque Stunque  (formerly Stink Stank Stunk) and Bastard Breath. It’s the alliteration-athon!.. At Hamilton’s: Hem Skemminge and the Polka Puppies (a college on the hill German Club event)… At D’ollaire’s: an evening owt with Owl Pellets…