Rock Gods #269: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

That new dollar store on Main Street, The Buck Stops Here, is good for more than chocolate covered peanut cravings. When rockabilly dfrummer Jimmy Joe Bob Buck of the Hair Straighteners had a transportation mishap—his mom drove his drums to the wrong town—he improvised by rushing to said cheap-goods emporium and loading up on flower pots, metal cans, snow saucers and anything else that would hold a beat.

His sticks were giant novelty pencils, tassels still attached.

Considering how many proper drum kits JJBB has already trashed in his short, meteoric (more like typhoonic) career, it’s amazing that most of this one survived the furious set.

When a pot could not suffice, Jimmy simply pounded the floors and walls. A soundman’s nightmare, but a rock fan’s demented dream. (Being juiced on high-chemical dollar-store soda pop definitely helped.)

Plans have already been hatched to deliberately send Mrs. Bob Buck on more wild goose chases whenever her son is gigging near a dollar store.


At the Bullfinch: Singer/songwriter Kera Premium, who will later sing along with mammoth college choral ensemble Sleek Luxurious… Four Bottles at Hamilton’s, which is what you’ll need to imbibe before they sound good. Kidding, guys. Three’s plenty… D’ollaries has The Formal DeHydes, garage insanity from France (or so they c’est). Best booking there in ages; a pity it’s such an anachronism for the club…

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  1. “a soundman’s nightmare but a rock fan’s demented dream” I love it! I can read Chris Arnott again without leaving LA! (Sorry I just discovered this – I am a bit behind the times!)

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