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Rock Gods #137: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Got a song stuck in our head. That’s because it’s about arrows. When the Bottom Cushions did it last week at Hamilton’s (yeah, we braved an off-season College Nite at the club), they fired toy arrows at the crowd. One of them hit us in the neck and fell down our shirt. Since we weren’t paying attention to the stage antics at the time, it registered as a severe shock. Thought we’d been stung. Then we had a flash of that squirrel dropping out of the ceiling at the Bullfinch that time.

Friends, and friends of the band, immediately came to our aid. Since it was a shot which had unnerved us, it was prescribed that another sort of shot should calm those nerves. Thanks for the bourbon guys. But the stun lingers. Serves us right for going to Hamilton’s on a College Nite in the off-season.

Fork and Bowl at the Bullfinch, with solo sets by both Fork and Bowl (formerly Frank & Beans)… Circle Lane and AMF at Hamilton’s… D’ollaire’s is closed due to a minor drinking infractions. Minors were drinking there, and they lost 36 hours of openness…