Stunning purchases at the Salvation Army Tuesday Afternoon

Yeah, I know they’re anti-gay and weirdly militaristic and stuff, but Mabel’s got me digging the musical Guys and Dolls again, so I sauntered into the Salvo on Crown Street yesterday to see if I could borrow a tambourine.

Truthfully, it was because I remembered they had LPs of plays like Antigone (with Dorothy Tutin), The Cherry Orchard (with Jessica Tandy, of all people), Shaw’s Misalliance (Mermaid Theatre production) and Pinter’s No Man’s Land (with two Sirs, Gielgud and Richardson) hidden amongst all those Peter Nero and Ferrante & Teicher albums. They’ve been there for months, and I don’t know what I was waiting for—I’m the one for whom they’re fated.
While there was a pair of brand new Rockport shoes caught my eye—and then my feet, since they were just my size. They enter my closet just as my thrift shop pair of Doc Martens are breathing their last.
There is a God, though I still doubt that it’s one the Salvation Army thinks it is.