Site update

Just put in most of the March Almanack, though tweaks to it are assured. I haven’t been very conscientious with this consciousness-raising element of the site lately, so I promise improvements. The site may already have 156 posts and several changing pages on it, but it’s still just a few months old and I’m only just getting around to some of the longterm schemes I have for
I currently post on the homepage in batches of three—two fiction, one non—at a time, and hope to ratchet that up to four this month. “Discipline, discipline is the thing!,” as the bowler-hatted dad says in Mary Poppins.
For those of you who don’t know, I also have a blog, two regular columns (Stage Thrust, News That Matters) and numerous arts-related articles at, my journalistic home for nearly two decades.
Should you need to contact Christopher Arnott for anything—to send me stuff for review, comment off-site, suggest events for the Almanack, etc.—the email is