Rock Gods #67: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Martin Gibson has a lot of money. (His family is in the olive trade, we’re told.) When he boasted recently (over beers he’d bought for a whole gaggle of us at the Bullfinch) that he’d gotten himself a wireless guitar, you could see Eddie Rick of the RickMBacks slump over in his seat. (OK, maybe it was the beer, but we don’t think so.) If anyone in the scene deserves to rock a wireless, it’s Eddie, who roams into crowds for such long solos that the band has to send out homing pigeons to bring him back. Eddie’s guitars are largely borrowed, and the band’s money is still tied up in van payments, so a wireless is not in his immediate future.
Martin Gibson, meanwhile, is the most composed, standstill pop guitarist you’ll ever see. He dresses nattily, never mixes with the crowd, and doesn’t even deign to strut across the stage. Does he need a wireless? No—you could wrap him head to toe in wire and it wouldn’t alter his playing style much.

Cross (merger of the two related cover bands Cross Country and Double Cross), The London Bridges and Mary, Mary all play at bars along the Police Union Road Race Sunday—Rose’s, Violet’s and Pop’s bars, respectively. Hamilton’s actually applied for the honor of being a race-stop, but the run was rerouted this year and our second favorite live music site is now officially off the beaten path… Instead, Hamilton’ s has booked the selfsame London Bridges for later in the day, with Kiss the Girls… New jazz afternoon jam on Saturdays art the Finch, starting this week with Four Blind Mice… The national pop band Goes the Weasel (get it?), a week from now at Dollaire’s (get tickets early! This band is on the way down!) turns out to have a local connection: drummer “Pitpat” Patterson’s grandparents run the convenience store on Stone Road…