Riverdale Book Review


As mural-forming puzzles go, the six collectible issues of Archie #666 leave a bit to be desired. They only vaguely match up thematically, and not at all in terms of of angles or perspectives or being able to see the characters’ feet. Also, given that this is the last issue of a certain phase of the Archie flagship title, why are the covers a celebration of the extended Archie ensemble and not of just Archie? After all, Betty and Veronica and Jughead and Reggie and Kevin have all had their separate starring titles, none of which is currently in print (though the joint Betty & Veronica title is still going strong, and the end of the Jughead hiatus is nigh). And some of those minor characters depicted here never actually made it into the Archie title.

On the other hand… Hey! Fireworks!