Rock Gods #387: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Sayx, king of Star’s soda shop, reigns in peace, with rainbow sprinkles. He glows like his dad—Mr. Cyrus Star of the decades-gone garage band Day-Star, who owns the joint. But Sayx has recently felt the need to undergo a quest that puts his current band Halcyone, and his current relationship with Halcyone’s lead singer Hailey, at risk.

Sayx says he has a chance to reunite yet another Star family band. His late brother Damion—“Day” of the cult psych-bubblegum band Dandelion Day, and also (as a newborn) the inspiration for the name of his dad’s band Day-Star—would’ve wanted it that way, Sayx insists, and recent events have made the other members of Dandelion Day amenable to a reunion, with Sayx as lead vox. But Hailey, who says Halcyone is on the verge of a record deal, feels this is about fear and anxiety rather than family loyalty. She’s even written a song about it, which she shared with us:

What have I done

to turn you from me?

Where is that love

That kept you here?

Have you learned to feel easy

In the absence of Halcyone?

Would you rather have me away?

Hailey is adamant that Sayx not venture westward on this quixotic odyssey. Which should make the Halcyone farewell gig Friday at Hamilton’s very interesting indeed.

Tonight: 69.16 (featuring DJ Atmospheric Pressure) at the Bullfinch, early show… Con Version back for more at Hamilton’s… An Evening With Evan Witz (how’s that for symmetry?) at D’Ollaire’s. Word is that EW’s doing more covers than his own hits these days…