Rock Gods #384: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

A guy got up onstage to jam with the Sunday Set at Hamilton’s. It’s an open jam, so that was fine. But then he started to tell a story about how he’d just gotten “out of the joint.” He showed his wristband to prove it. Just as we were all wondering “Why has he kept his wrisband on?” Scenesters know from wristbands, the club kind at least, and know that they may be annoying but they’re removable. The guy starts asking everyone in the room for money. Over the mic. During the jam.

Several of the musicians were visibly peeved, to say nothing of half the audience and the guys behind the bar. The situation was defused when drummer Mad Tom, the accountant, loudly picked up the beat, stared down the panhandler as best he could from a perch behind him, and shouted a few times, in rhythm, “Play first! Money later!” It worked. Turns out the guy could sing. A hat got passed. Nice jam.

Tonight: Table of Paper and Perch of Stone, the “of” bands, at The Bullfinch… Capa City and Great Gross, covers, at Hamilton’s… An Evening With Hot Dog Smile at D’Ollaire’s, with DC Half Smokes opening…