Rock Gods #383: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

First Street Metro Bikes rocked until they couldn’t talk. We’d never seen two people in the same band get hoarse at the same time, but under the right circumstances it really can happen. First Rex Anderson yowled until his voice gave out on “Señor Lady.” he even gave the universal throat-slashing sign of “I can’t sing” (or “Kill me now,” or whatever it means). He faded into the background, grabbing a percussion device. Than Andy Starkov, guitar/vox, who’d been screaming in harmony with RexAn, laughed so hard he lost control. Then he signalled that his voice was shot too. The kind of short where you can’t hit the notes if you try. Everything is shrill and off-key, and inside your face it feels like you’re singing out your ears or something.

FSMB is not an instrumental band. It’s a four-chord pop harmony deal. They don’t even solo much. But rather than cancel the show, Julie Fleischman Jr.—the band’s biggest fan—got up and was able to get through five songs. Just as impressively, the band was able to back her, even though she sang differently than Andy or Rex.

The crown, it seems, has been passed. Julie will be joining the band, which we presume will not be attempting a record THREE sets of blown-out pipes.

Tonight: Choc Cake Pudding at the Bullfinch… Niantic Day Trip at Hamilton’s (shantys)… A delightfully long evening with 13 at Last at D’Ollaire’s…