Riverdale Book Review

The 20 variant covers for the upcoming Archie #1 are on view (and available for preorder, at $3.99 each) here.
My personal favorite is this one, by T. Rex and Andre Szymanowicz.


As for the reimagining itself, I shrug and hope for the best. But 10-year-old Sally was apoplectic when she saw the non-variant cover drawn by Fiona Staples, who with writer Mark Waid is in charge of the reinvention. “Archie has a fauxhawk! He has a fauxhawk!”
Archie #667 will be released July 8. But first we have Archie #666 to look forward to. My subscription copy has not yet arrived, but it was released this week. Oh, and there’s a collector’s variant bundle of that, too, that I’ve just ordered online—six issues that connect to form a single large image of dozens of Archie characters enjoying fireworks. There’s a different title on each one, acknowledging the earliest Archie titles from the 1940s: Pep, Top Notch, etc. (Pep actually lasted into the late ‘80s as an Archie comic. I miss Pep.)