Rock Gods #381: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Balcony scene at the Bullfinch Thursday night. Mark of the Impatient Fox was hammered and took his moment behind the mic to confess his love to a total stranger in the crowd, whom he announced he’d just been smitten with. Her girlfriend was not amused, and (having downed a few herself) rushed the stage and pulled Mark’s hair, which was twice as long as hers. Q had to put on his bouncer hat and get involved. Nobody was thrown out, but it became awkward when apologies were thrown and it turned out that the women knew exactly who Mark was, even though he claimed to have no memory of them. You can imagine what memory it might have been. A savage ballet kick later and our thunderstruck Romeo had tumbled into a veritable ditch. At which point his longsuffering bandmates, thoroughly sick of him, played sappy love song after sappy love song until Q turned off the lights and started putting the chairs on the tables.

Tonight: Maytrophy at Hamilton’s with ska marching songs… Version Tracker and Hot Downloads at D’Ollaire’s; rewired pop of the ’00s… The Bullfinch is closed. Someone lost their head…

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