Rock Gods #379: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Millie in a Mustache wrote a new song. It’s her term paper on molecular physics, set to music, and she sez it’s for real.
“I’m a science geek,” Mill explains. “My school friends and my scene friends can’t believe I have other friends.
“But I really love music. And I really love science.”
“First I wanted to write a song about why I cared about molecules. As you can imagine, that was the dumbest song imaginable. So I tried to do a, you know, metaphor thing. But that didn’t work either. Like really sucked. Then I realized that what I loved about science was the words, the math, the language. I’d just written this great paper, full of the phrases I love. So I set it to music, nothing fancy, on keyboards.
The song, tentatively titled “3*35.453 over 3*35.453 + 12.011 + 1.00794 = 89.094%,” is 45 minutes long.
“I’m working on the single edit,” Mill smiles, “but it won’t be the same. Molecular Science is a symphony, not a two-minute pop song.”