Rock Gods #374: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Sibyl and the Infernal Regions insisted on performing in the Bullfinch basement Thursday, amid the kegs and receipts and extra glassware. They piped a visuals-free soundscape up from below via mics and soundpipes. The effect was lost on latecomers who didn’t realize what was going on and started asking “What’s that noise?” at inopportune times. It was a college-on-the-hill music project, naturally. Why couldn’t they have used a dining hall or dorm room? Because they already have. The Finch was stage three (of eight) of Sounds Behind. Listen for it soon at a hole in the ground near you.
Tonight: Strappy Sandal at the Bullfinch, with a new spring song in her step… Single Soul Pumps at Hamilton’s, doing the pip thing… Colorblocking comeback show at D’ollaire’s. Pay double and get to meet the band…

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