Rock Gods #373: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Tippy Goldenfop is playing the Freedy Tea Room on College Lane, a place where no one but she ever plays—and where she herself hasn’t played in years, since she was known as Rose Hips.
“I sing with this massive R&B band now, all over the place,” Tippy infuses. “Festivals, weddings, everywhere. I don’t even have a home anymore; we’re always on the road. It’s the first time I’ve ever made money from music, really, but I missed those old coffeehouse solo gigs. So I called Freedy Jo and she let me play there again.” Nice of her, it turns out, because Tippy/Rose left Freedy Jo’s with a heck of a clean-up problem. “I swung my guitar and knocked a pot of tea off someone’s table. Luckily, they’d been nursing it for a while and nobody got scalded or anything.” Another reason not to bring the full band, then.

Tonight: Hobo Handbag and Nubuck Upper at the Bullfinch… Man Tailored at Hamilton’s; sexist girl band… Ruched at D’ollaire’s…