Rock Gods #353: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We’ve all witnessed what we’re sure must be the longest drum solo in the world,. But what about the bass?
“Bassy” (pronounced “Basie”) Biggs, who is equally proificient on the stand-up acoustic, electric and stick varieties of the instrument, held forth for hours Saturday at a downtown cathedral. Occasionally a guest star would stride up and plug in a guitar, but mostly it was just basic Bassy. He allowed himself one five-minute break per hour, which he covered with tape loops of himself so that the music never actually stopped.
He went on like this for close to seven hours, which he deemed “no big deal. I’;ve definitely had rehearsal days that went longer than this.”
The audience for Bassy’s endurance exposition was sparse for most of it, but toward the end a group of well-wishers from the Bullfinch piled into the pews to chant “Bass-y! Bass-y! Bass-y!” He didn’t break, and went another hour with a flourish. Back to bass. We’ll write more when the record’s been confirmed.

Tonight: Another preternaturally poppy evening at the Bullfinch, with Kolor Syndicate and Jackansons… Luminate and Mane Focus (a hair band if we ever heard of one) at Hamilton’s… D’ollaire’s is dark again. What’s going on?