Rock Gods #332: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Risings fell. Right off the stage at Hamilton’s Thursday night.

Some readers think we’re obsessed with falling-off-the-stage stories. But they’re more common than you think, and if you mention one, you’re suddenly being told about a dozen others. And they’re all great stories. The scuffle among the gods last week faded into memory when The Risings (aka the extended Reisling family from the suburbs) swept into a full-band kickline and swept each other off the platform.

Nothing injured but pride. Lots of pride. Band patriarch Sal Riesling insisted that the act do the kick again, then again. Painful to watch, more painful than actually getting kicked. The band might have been expecting some sort of ovation, like when a circus act misses the trapeze somersaults twice and then invariably connects the third time. Instead, crickets. Worse, active rebuke. “Stop kicking!,” someone yelled.

Tonight: Below the Fold and Engine 31 at the Bullfinch… GTTP at Hamilton’s (wordy rapping)… The Advos at D’Ollaire’s with no original members…