Riverdale Book Review

Tim Levin draws lips as if they were inner tubes, making Betty & Veronica’s lipstick look as if it were clown makeup. This is not actually a bad thing. His art draws attention to what the characters are doing. When they’re talking, you know they’re talking.

Levin also digs panoramic tableaux. In “Designing Divas,” the opening story of Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #230 (which I received in my mailbox an hour ago), there’s a great panel of Veronica tossing clothes from one end of her vast walkin closet clear to the other end. In another, she’s sitting in a diner and you can see the wheelchair-bound character Harper rolling up on the sidewalk outside the building.

Levin packs his panels. His work is more realistic than gag-based Archie stories often are these days (especially in the digests). When the theme, as it is here, is fashion, he’s a fine artist for the job.