Rock Gods #317: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The All-Area Boys were having lunch at the Dioguardi Diner when they were “discovered.” Theyt got in a jukebox fight with an older guy at a table on the other side of the restaurant, trying to keep his ‘70s “Joker” rock off the system and pushing their own rockabilly favorites instead. The boys sang and banged along with each hotheaded victory. The old man, who turned out to work for a talent agency (as an accountant, but still…) bowed to their superior taste and offered to introduce them to his colleagues.
And the rest is not history. A deal never happened. The best thing to come out of the encounter was Dioguardi’s primo grilled cheese sandwiches and the debut All-Area Boys 9” vinyl single—“Jukebox Wars,” on their own AAJW label.
The platter’s been getting played on college radio and has garnered some genuine label interest. A deal might happen after all.
But the real prize, the milestone, the number one hit is this: The All-Area Boys have their record as number A-3 on the jukebox in the Dioguardi Diner.
Now they’ll win all the wars.

Tonight: The Blessington Method and Backward, Turn Backward, at the Bullfinch… Man from the South at Hamilton’s… An Evening with Ikon of Elijah at D’Ollaire’s…